Chromic acid purification and recovery technology

entry name

   Purification and recovery technology of chromic acid in industrial wastewater treatment

Project name

     Hexavalent chromium recovery system engineering

Construction unit

Fujian Xinyu sanitary Technology Co., Ltd

Project completion time

May 2015

Operation time

4 years

Acceptance organization

Fujian Xinyu sanitary Technology Co., Ltd

Acceptance time

December 2015

Project scale

Operation management

Economic benefits

Equipment life

The construction scale of hexavalent chromium recovery is 4T / h, and the current water treatment capacity is 60t / day. The recovery of chromic acid is more than 99.5%, and the recovery of water is more than 85%.

The equipment is modular, intelligent, operation and maintenance management, reducing artificial, network information and automatic operation. The annual treatment capacity of wastewater containing hexavalent chromium is about 17000 tons, the influent concentration of dichromate acid is 1350mg / L, the effluent concentration is 0.157mg/l, and the recovery rate is over 99.9%; the water recovery rate is 85.2%; the annual recovery capacity of CrO3 is 12.73 tons / year.

662100 yuan / year

More than 10 years

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