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Founded in 2016, Fujian Xihai Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to "making the industry no longer produce pollution". It is a professional provider of electroplating wastewater treatment, resource utilization technology and intelligent equipment. The traditional way of wastewater treatment will produce a lot of sludge and wastewater, which can be discharged up to the standard through chemical reaction and dosing repeatedly. With the increasingly strict environmental protection policy, this way will only bring endless investment to enterprises. Xihai abandoned the traditional way of wastewater treatment, adopted unique patent technology, tried to add no or less medicine, separated and purified the harmful substances, heavy metal ions and anions with recycling value in the wastewater, turned the waste into treasure, used as raw materials of the production line, and recycled. This not only solves the pollution problem of electroplating industry, but also produces huge economic benefits and social value.
In terms of technology, Xihai environmental protection, through the modification of ion selective membrane, really makes the recycling of pollutants produce new value. Environmental protection treatment has become a high return investment, which has been widely used in the metal electroplating industry such as plastic, copper, nickel, chromium, steel, etc. Xihai equipment can not only recycle high ratio wastewater, but also recover and purify nickel, copper, chromium, zinc, gold, silver, palladium, rhodium and other metals in wastewater. At the same time, the electroplating wastewater containing phosphorus, acid and fluorine can be recovered and treated.
Xihai environmental protection Co., Ltd., the first customer of Fujian Xinyu sanitary Technology Co., Ltd., has run the "purification and recovery technology of industrial wastewater treatment chromic acid" and In just three years, more than 3 million yuan of heavy metal recovery profit has been made, far exceeding the investment cost. Xihai environmental protection treatment technology has been recognized in practice and entered a mature period.

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